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Education: Some college
Ethnicity: CaucasianHeritage: Italian, Mexican Or Mexican American
Hair Color: Brown (medium)Eye Color: BrownAge: 24  Height: 5'03  Weight: 145

Level of Education: Some college

High School GPA: 3.8

How would you describe your personality, temperament, and character?
I would describe my personality as confident, easy going, and honest. I would decribe my temperament as pretty calm for the most part.

Which of your physical, artistic, intellectual, or social abilities do you feel best about?
I did very well in school and I played well in my sports while in high school. I am a fast learner in work environments. I am very patient currently with my twin boys.

Do you have any athletic skills?
I did cheerleading, softball and track in highschool. I did pretty good.

What are some of your favorite sports?
Cheerleading, softball, and track

In addition to english, what languages do you speak?

What are some of your skills/hobbies/talents/interests?
I enjoy reading and going to the gym to exercise when I have the time.

What are your present and future career goals?
I would like to finish getting my degree in early childhood education and persue a career in teaching.

What are the top 3 achievements you are most proud of?
Being the first of my family to go to college(even if I didnt finish yet) , Breastfeeding my twins for 6 months, buying a home with my husband.

Favorite Movie: Mulan

Favorite Band/Singer: Sabrina Claudio

Favorite Book: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Favorite Color: Lavender

Favorite Food: Italian

What is one of your most memorable moments and why?
The day my sons were born because almost my whole pregnancy everyone told me I would most likely have to have a csection but at delivery my dr was able to not only deliver my twins vaginally but one of my babies was breech and my dr was still able to deliver him for me.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?
It's hard for me to say No to people, I wish I could change that about myself because alot of people take advantage of my kindness.

What would you do on a "perfect" day if you could do anything that you wanted?
Well being as I'm a twin toddler mom it would honestly be a kid free day on the beach.

How would you describe your personality and temperament as a child?
To my knowledge it's always been about the same. I've always been pretty easygoing and friendly, I've never really had a temper.

How would you describe your personality and temperament as a teenager?
Pretty easy going, motivated and friendly

What were your best and worst subjects in school?
I actually did well in all my classes but I will say I struggled a little more in math and I did well in English and social studies.

What did your parents teach you to value?
They told me to take advantage of all opportunities that I come across and to always be honest because it's easier suffering the consequences of telling the truth then of telling a lie.

What person had the most influence on you and why?
My paternal grandmother taught me alot about being a women, mother, and wife but she has always explained how important to her it was that I succeeded in something more then being a mom and wife. She married and had children young and spent all her life as a stay at home mom and wife and she always wished she was able to do more with her life.

What is/are your reason(s) for wanting to donate eggs?
To give another family the ability to raise a family of their own. I couldnt imagine not being able to have a child of my own and I hate to know that there are families who suffer through something like that daily.