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Education: Currently enrolled in college
Ethnicity: African AmericanHeritage: African American, Jamaican
Hair Color: Brown (dark)Eye Color: Brown (dark)Age: 26  Height: 5'01  Weight: 135

Level of Education: Currently enrolled in college

Current Enrollment Year: Junior

Field of Study: Business Administration

High School GPA: 3.5

College GPA: 3.25

How would you describe your personality, temperament, and character?
I am an easygoing, outgoing person. I am very dependable and humorous as well as optimistic about life and filled with integrity.

Which of your physical, artistic, intellectual, or social abilities do you feel best about?
Being flexible, sometimes being able to do a back flip. Social ability include communicating well with other individuals. Intellectually, I am a fast learner and I’m able to photographically remember things .

What are some of your skills/hobbies/talents/interests?
My hobbies include baking, reading and listening to music in my down time.

What are the top 3 achievements you are most proud of?
Some of my greatest achievements include becoming a member of my sorority and making the Dean’s List and President’s List.

Favorite Movie: The notebook

Favorite Band/Singer: Chris Brown

Favorite Book: Rich Dad poor Dad

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Oxtail

What would you do on a "perfect" day if you could do anything that you wanted?
My oerfect day would be filled with self care which includes shopping and/or going to the spa.

How would you describe your personality and temperament as a child?
I was a very outgoing and talkative child. I enjoyed being outside and taking time to explore.

What did your parents teach you to value?
They taught me to value family and friendships Formed

What person had the most influence on you and why?
No one has really influenced me honestly .

What is/are your reason(s) for wanting to donate eggs?
I would like to help families.